Invited Speaker
Dr. Marcos César da Rocha Seruffo

Dr. Marcos César da Rocha Seruffo

Associate Professor level I of Federal University of Pará, Brazil; Professor of Anthropic Studies in the Amazon Graduate Program (PPGEAA) and Electrical Engineering Graduate Program (PPGEE) , Brazil
Speech Title: Mouse Tracking for User Experience Assessment in News Sites: A Case Study from Human Factor Engineering

Abstract: In Brazil, currently, news sites are one of the main means of obtaining information. Research carried out by Digitals New Report shows that (83%) of the Brazilian public consumes news online, including on social media sites. Thus, the need to analyze how this public tends to use and consume the information offered by these sites is understood. From human factors engineering, a term used to describe a series of elements that study how users appreciate and interact with products, it is possible to seek an understanding of how users consume information, allowing us to think about improvements in the experience of consumption of news sites, such as those used in this case study. Techniques for mouse tracking generate interaction data that can be used to improve the UX of news sites, supported by human factors engineering, a case study is presented on a methodology to capture and analyze user mouse tracking, the order to evaluate the execution of tasks of five news sites. Among the results obtained, from the accomplishment of the four defined tasks, it was possible to identify that advertisements and other advertising resources are structured in a more attractive way than the news. The study also identified important features that are not being highlighted, in addition to an excess of visual information on news sites.

Keywords: News Website, Human Factor Engineering, User Experience, and Tracking.

Biography: Marcos César da Rocha Seruffo has graduation in Data Processing Technology by University Center of the State of Para (CESUPA – 2004), is specialist in Computer Systems Technical Support by Federal University of Para (UFPA – 2005), Master in Computer Science (PPGCC – UFPA – 2008) and Doctor in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Applied Computing (PPGEE – UFPA – 2012) and Post Doctorate at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, in the Postgraduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE - PUC-RJ - 2020). Currently he is Associate Professor level I of Federal University of Pará. He is Professor of Anthropic Studies in the Amazon Graduate Program (PPGEAA) and Electrical Engineering Graduate Program (PPGEE). He was Principal of the School of Computing from Castanhal Campus (2013-2015). He was Principal of Faculty of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications - Institute of Technology (2017-2019). He was vice-coodinator of Postgraduate Program in Anthropic Studies in the Amazon (2017-2019). He is researcher from Operational Research Laboratory (LPO). He is a project evaluator in several national funding agencies. He coordinates and participates in teaching, research and extension activities through national and international projects in interdisciplinary areas, among them: Social Technologies, User Experience, Data Mining, Computer Networks, Informatics in Education, Social Network Analysis, Anthropic Studies, and Natural Language Processing. He is a Productivity Scholarship in Technological Development and Innovative Extension - DT - Level 2 from CNPq.

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