Invited Speaker
Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Professor

Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Professor

Department of Computer Applications, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India
Speech Title: A Differential Privacy-based Secure Data Sharing Model in Cloud Environment

Abstract: With the variety of cloud services, such as the lowest cost, high scalability and efficiency, the cloud service provider also provide machine learning services, which are used in many applications, including risk assessment, product recommendation, and image recognition. Due to multiple benefits, most organizations transfer their data to the cloud platform for storage, analysis, and sharing purposes. As the cloud is run by a third party; therefore, data owners cannot fully rely on this environment. Thus, protecting owners' data while sharing it with other parties has become a major challenge. This paper proposes a Differential Privacy-based Secure Data Sharing (DP-SDS) model in the cloud environment, which protects the owners' data by generating and injecting the noise and performing the classification task by employing differential privacy and machine learning approaches.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Differential Privacy, Data Privacy

Biography: Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh is an esteemed researcher and academician in the domain of Electrical and Computer engineering. Currently, he is working as a Professor; Department of Computer Applications; National Institute of Technology; Kurukshetra, India. He has more than 20 years research, teaching and administrative experience in various University systems of the India, UK, Australia and Malaysia. Dr. Singh obtained his Ph. D. degree in Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology-BHU, India; Post Doc from Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol, United Kingdom and Charted Engineer from United Kingdom. He is the recipient of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellowship for visit in University of Tokyo and other universities of Japan.
His research area includes Verification, Synthesis, Design and Testing of Digital Circuits, Predictive Data Analytics, Data Security in Cloud, Web Technology. He has more than 320 publications till now which includes peer reviewed journals, books, conferences, book chapters and news magazines in these areas. He has co-authored eleven books including “Web Spam Detection Application using Neural Network”, “Digital Systems Fundamentals” and “Computer System Organization & Architecture”. Prof. Singh has worked as principal investigator/investigator for six sponsored research projects and was a key member on a project from EPSRC (United Kingdom) entitled “Logic Verification and Synthesis in New Framework”.
Dr. Singh has visited several countries including Australia, United Kingdom, South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and USA for collaborative research work, invited talks and to present his research work. He had been entitled for 15 awards such as Merit Awards-2003 (Institute of Engineers), Best Poster Presenter-99 in 86th Indian Science Congress held in Chennai, INDIA, Best Paper Presenter of NSC’99 INDIA and Bintulu Development Authority Best Postgraduate Research Paper Award for 2010, 2011, 2012.
He has served as an Guest Editor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Networks and Mobile Technologies, International journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications. Also he has shared his experience as a Guest Editor for Pertanika Journal of Science and Technology, Chairman of CUTSE International Conference 2011, Conference Chair of series of International Conference on Smart Computing and Communication (ICSCC), and as editorial board member of UNITAR e-journal. He is involved in reviewing process in different journals and conferences of repute including IEEE transactions, IET Journals, IEEE conference on ITC, ADCOM etc.

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