Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jung Wan Lee, Professor

Dr. Jung Wan Lee, Professor

School of International Economics and Trade, Anhui University of Finance and Economics, China
Speech Title: The Data Sharing Economy and Open Governance of Big Data as Public Good

Abstract: The data sharing economy depends on access to data as a resource for products and services. Since the quality of information that can be drawn from data increases with the available amount and quality of the data, businesses involved in the data economy have a great interest in accessing data from other market players and sharing data with other stakeholders. Despite the growing need for access to data and evidence of the economic and social benefits, data access and sharing remains below its potential. Individuals, businesses, and governments often face barriers to data access and sharing, which may be compounded by reluctance to share, including within organizations and across sectors. To address these challenges, this paper focuses on finding possible solutions for the better data sharing economy. This paper 1) discusses opportunities and challenges of open data and the data sharing economy; limitations of private sector data and issues with government data open; arguments for “big data as a public good” ; and 2) introduces various open government data initiatives; open data ecosystems; open governance networks initiatives; and 3) suggest possible solutions for the data sharing economy, including the governance and management, the legal and policy frameworks, and the technical standards for open data with proposing an open data governance model for the data sharing economy. With understanding the model of open data governance aspects as a starting point, this model may surface how open data governance becomes salient for governments, private sectors, and all stakeholders as well.

Keywords: Big Data, Open Data, Public Good, Open Government, Open Data Governance, Data Sharing Economy

Biography: Professor Lee, Professor of Anhui University of Finance and Economics, has extensive international teaching experience in International Business and Economics, Marketing, and Electronic Commerce. He has been at Soongsil University in South Korea for three years, Kazakh British Technical University in Kazakhstan for five years, and Boston University in the United States for recent ten years. Professor Lee has published over fifty research papers and authored three books on entrepreneurship, small business, and venture business management. He also has served as Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business and the Journal of Distribution Science.