Keynote Speaker
Dr. Chris Rowley, Professor

Dr. Chris Rowley, Professor

GradCIPD, BA, MA (Warwick), DPhil (Nuffield College, University of Oxford)
Visiting Fellow, Kellogg College, University of Oxford, UK
Research Associate, Centre for Mutual & Co-Owned Business, Kellogg College, University of Oxford, UK
Professor Emeritus, Bayes Business School, City, University of London, UK

Speech Title: Big Data & Innovation: The Importance of Culture & Leadership

Abstract: As a keynote address, I thought it would be more useful and better to give some sort of macro, broad, less technical overview of the area. So, there are four main parts to my talk. Following the introduction and some very broad and simple discussion and examples of what big data and innovation are, I will move onto the third and main section about impacts on the area and end with a conclusion.
I will start with four key points. First, individuals and processes do not occur in a ‘black box’. Second, there may be institutional supports in the area, but thirdly, there are also cultural influences, including for example, attitudes to risk-taking, uncertainty and the need for effective leadership. Fourth, it is a fashionable topic. In terms of the impacts on big data and innovation, I will make three points. First, they involve uncertain processes and outcomes. Therefore, second, the area involves risk taking – or ‘uncertainty avoidance’, Yet, people’s comfortableness with this varies hugely. Third, I will explore what might be behind this variability and focus on a pair of interlinked factors: culture and leadership. This requires some discussion of terms and meanings in the area of ‘uncertainty’. I will then outline the second impact, from leadership and why it is important and matters and what ‘makes’ leaders. I will provide some different leadership styles, which in turn requires us to note a framework of variables: followers; leader; situation with leader-member exchange as a dyadic relationship. This can be seen in variations in global leadership in the context of universalism versus particularism and what makes ‘effective’ leaders in terms of the ‘3Cs’ of context, culture, competence and especially the role of types of skills. I will end with some key implications for practice.

Biography: Prof. Chris Rowley worked in a wide range of industries & jobs before returning to education part time & then university, who has 30+ years experience of many university systems in the UK, Europe & Asia:
• Established Centre for Research in Asian Management at City, University of London, UK
• Helped establish think tank & publications series on human capital development in Singapore
• External examiner & advisor for UK & Asian university external courses & programmes
• Examined 50+ PhDs globally
• Won several international grants & evaluated grants internationally
• Experienced speaker for students, executives & practitioners at universities & companies in UK, US & Asia
• Editor of journal + book series
• Published 800+ articles (in about 50 Refereed Academic Journals, such as Human Resource Management, British Journal of Management, Asia Pacific Business Review, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management, etc.), books & chapters & practitioner pieces.
• Regularly gives interviews, expert comments & opinion pieces to the international mass media:
o News services: Financial Times, FT Adviser, BBC, CBNC, Bloomberg, Financial News, Guardian, Times, Sunday Times, Independent, Telegraph, Evening Standard, iNewspaper, Corriere della Sera (Italy), Japan Times, China Daily, South China Morning Post, Shanghai Daily, China Business News, Social Sciences in China Today, Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden), La Razon (Spain), La Nacion (Argentina), Global Finance Magazine (US), Sydney Morning Heald (Australia), The Economist
o TV/radio: ITV, Arirang TV, China Radio International, American Public Media Radio, ABC Radio Australia, RNZ New Zealand, Sputnik Radio, Sirius XM, US, Wharton Business Radio, Share Radio, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live
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